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Boulder Modern, Horsfield

The clients saw Andrew’s showroom display in Boulder and knew they had found a fellow conspirator for a project to defy traditions in a Boulder contemporary home. The display kitchen had all the signature elements of modern design. Geometric shapes and childlike interplay. Asymmetrical balance with a mix of colors and textures. Fulfilling function while challenging the expectations with the forms.

The resulting kitchen does all with a few ideas throw in the mix from the owners. Coming from england—they had a sophisticated taste and wanted a feel of modern art represented. “Can you make a bit like a Mondrian painting?” How many designers know how to run with that request.

modern kitchen with dark and white cabinetry

The Details

Mixing a gloss white “slab door” with a horizontal grain Wenge wood veneer, Andrew floated cabinets up and down. The tall elements of the Oven/Microwave/Refrigerator anchor the left end—-while the right side shows a storm gray wall tile that brings in another color to the interplay. The floating island is actually wenge wood on the dining side and white on the sink side.

“Often there is no real rationale to all the color play. Kitchens should be functional and balanced design-wise yes, but remember the word “fun” is in there too.”

A fairly typical layout characterized this home in Louisville, Colorado. The kitchen was scrunched into an L shape that we have seen a thousand times. Andrew’s idea was to expand outward and use the main space to enhance the size. The customer was not afraid of color and modern shapes so Andrew jumps right in and offered some excitement.

Design Beyond Expectations