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Old Town Louisville Kitchen

A 100-year-old town charmer finally got the light and bright period sensitive kitchen it always deserved. The house had been expanded year earlier–adding an upper story. But the kitchen was left out of the redo remaining a dark cramped space hemmed in by an ill-placed staircase—

The owners first enlisted local architect Peter Stewart who started by moving the staircase to another side of the house. This bold move allowed the kitchen area to open up to a sunny, window-lined dining space and have views of the backyard. “Shouldn’t all kitchens have this? Andrew posits.

green stove in old town kitchen

The Details

From there it was all about addressing the clients wishes for a bright, clean family kitchen where the kids could romp through and meals preparation could fun and communicative. He just wanted a place for a vintage espresso machine. She had an antique range for the 1940s refurbish in its original green glory.

Andrew did the rest with a beautiful array of clean white shake doors. Balance appliance placement assured a logical workflow. Wood countertops (not for everybody) warmed things ups and a farm sink completed the period feel.

“Now if they had such a thing as a custom kitchens back in the early 1900s—this is what they might be like” Andrew muses.

Design Beyond Expectations