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Providence Builders, Library Home Office

An upscale subdivision was the scene for this executive home office. The client wanted a back desk with library-like ‘built-ins’ for family photos and achievement awards. Also, he wanted a display and storage cabinet for a cherished collection of firearms (rifles) he had inherited from his father – and used currently himself. The color and millwork needed to match the existing tone and unique detail of the home.

custom cabinetry in study

The Details

Amidst the potentials for a richly appointed space, design challenges were many. The ceiling height and general scale of the home was massive—to fill the space, the cabinetry ran the risk of appearing oversized and awkward looking. Existing wood in the house was an old growth teak that could not be accessed today at a reasonable price. Existing moldings had come from India and had a special curved pattern that the owner definitely wanted to be repeated. The ‘gun cabinet’ had to fit 14 rifles and have a pullout for pistols—-all behind glass. The cabinets had to have leather insets and be lighted. Also a security system had to be built into the cabinets.

The results came at a great expense of time, collaboration, and most of all craftsmanship. The detailed hand drawn plans served to get all the details into place –including a keystone element left over from the original construction, Custom cabinet makers matched the wood in a black walnut. The custom curved molding was done with a specialty millwork shop. Tall pediment elements filled voluminous space and mirrored each other across the room. The dimmable lighting was all drawn and spec in by the designer. The leather was selected and installed according to a building method worked up for the project. Retractable glass door for pistol case was designed as we built. A keyless security system was installed on the gun cabinet.

Design Beyond Expectations